About Car Softtop Repairs

Car Softtop Repairs

Car Softtop Repairs provides a complete restoration service to the exact factory specifications for all car make and models. Whether you have a classic or a modern car, our team will work towards returning your automobile to its former glory.

Car Interior Plus will gladly accept any request you may have in regards to car interior or softtop restoration.

Our services include seat repairs and leather replacements, custom modern interiors, roof linings and sunroofs, convertible soft top and repairs. We also provide complete classic car interior restoration.

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Quality Trimmers

Craftsmanship at its finest. John has helped me with my cars for many years now. These guys are old school quality trimmers. Couldn’t thank them enough.

Pierre Kayserian

Simply the Best Automotive Trimmer

Simply the best Automotive trimmer that I have experienced. Their work is first rate, sensibility priced and very reliable. I have no hesitation in recommending his work to anyone.

Anthony Raymond